The Rising Popularity of Audio books — by Colbert Bellevue

Audio books hit the scene more than eighty years ago. In the 1930’s audio recordings of books were being made by volunteer readers for the purpose of reading to the blind. They were made to be available through libraries at that time. As time passed and technologies changed audio books made their way onto audio cassettes, then eventually to CD’s. As the recording technologies changed and the market for audio books grew, publishers began to turn to professionals to do the reading and bring the recordings to life, adding character and emotion to the stories. Today with the continued increase of popularity, audio books have become available in the latest of digital formats that can be downloaded to electronic readers, I-pods and I-pads, even MP3 players.
What Contributes To the Growth of This Market?  

There are several factors leading to the continued growth in the audio book market.  Audio books had at one time been a volunteer effort to aid the lives of the blind. Overtime it became a source of entertainment for drivers and families on the road. Today with the overwhelming use and popularity of electronic gadgets, audio books sales have soared to record levelsMore than half of our own audio books sales are made to people who spend a lot of time driving or in the car commuting to work.
Increasing popularity of portable devices such as I-pods, I-pads, MP3’s, smart phones have opened a new venue for audio books. Audio books can be as portable as music files. The audio book format fits nicely into busy lives. Busy parents can play an audio recording of the latest Best Seller while:
  •   Driving the children back and forth from their many activities.
  •   Preparing a meal, doing house work or yard work.
  •   Exercising, walking or jogging.

With the increasing convenience and practicality of audio books, more titles are available at this time than ever before. There are the standards including the classics, best sellers, romance and more. Audio books have become a very useful and a widely accepted form of educational tools. Many book series have been read as a series of lectures on topics of dating/relationship, finance, history and more.


Publishers of audio books have discovered that the right reader makes all the difference. Publishers like to find a voice with a range of accents and sounds. The right reader can make learning a pleasure while a bad reader can ruin the best novel. Many well known actors and actresses lend their voices to the recordings. Enjoy your pleasant listening


Many Tourists to the Philippines are kidnapped and killed — by Colbert Bellevue

There was a time when the Philippines was dubbed “the island paradise” but she has been tarnished atrociously by internal battles and conflicts, kidnapping-for-ransom, senseless killing, and carjacking. In spite of these major issues, I certainly do not discourage you from visiting the Philippines. I, myself, have toured the island  a few times and enjoyed its breath taking panoramic scenery of natural landscape.

It is true that there a few resorts in the island, depending on their location, which provide the travelers with some comfort and space for enjoyment; however, never do they offer an acceptable level of safety and security for the tourists. This is correct. In these hotels, you will find some security guards, armed with .38 caliber side arms or outmoded shotguns. Matter of fact, these security guards have no military or combat training. In short, they are not trained to fight. So, they would not even attempt to fight back should their hotels be under attack by rebel groups.

These security guards along with their antiquated weapons are no match for warriors who are well-armed militants and kidnappers. The latter use the fastest boats money can buy. They perform their numerous kidnapping operations by conducting “sweeps” by the beach areas while some tourists are having fun in the sun. The fact of the matter is these deadly well-armed bandits have kidnapped and decapitated not only civilians but also some members of the Philippine National Police. Isn’t this horrific?


What Do I Believe?

I believe that tourists to the Philippines would feel less nervous knowing that the island is free from senseless killers and kidnappers who are overwhelmingly better armed than the police. Obviously somebody, some organizations or some committees have dropped the ball on their attempts to promote Philippine tourism via television ads costing millions while neglecting to address the core issue that is eating internally the Philippine tourism: Lack of safety infrastructure for the tourists.

I also strongly believe that visitors should be well-informed travelers for their own safety and security in the Philippines. Where would they get such unbiased and objective and complete information?  

The only thing that the Philippine travel industry is ready and willing to share with the traveling public is “the rosy side” of the Philippines where everything is fabulous and fun. This is of course one side of the coin. It befits them to keep their heads under the veil of secrecy by not revealing the whole truth of what tarnishes the image of the island paradise where so many tourists are kidnapped again and again.

Serious about Visiting the Philippines?  Watch this video to learn more about kidnapping-for-ransom and more…

I also believe that there are a number of places in the Philippines that are deadly to foreign visitors, and the latter have a right to know about them for their own very safety and security. They should be made aware of specific places in the Philippines that should be classified “off-limits” to foreign visitors.  Sure, but who would dispense such information to them? 

Why does the Philippine travel industry keep silent on revealing the complete truth on the Philippines?

I do believe that you need to be well-informed before you travel to the Philippines or even if you are a retiree there.  Nobody would like to repeat the mistakes of our fellow travelers who got kidnapped and killed while visiting the Philippines just because they were either misinformed and misguided in their journey.

Be well-informed

Is Manila “the gates of hell” according to Novelist Dan Brown?


Is Manila “the gates of hell” according to Novelist Dan Brown?

Check this book out: The Whole Truths You Should Know Before You Travel to the Philippines  While the Travel Industry is too busy promoting the Philippines as a gracious paradise, they have kept the foreign tourists in the dark by not telling us the other deadly side of the Philippines. Sure, there are some breath-taking views of natural landscapes and some relatively safe resorts, but the truth is that tourists are kept in the dark about the whole truth about the Philippines. They have absolutely no clues of the danger facing them while they visit the Philippines because what they see from their television channel is all they know, unfortunately. Then you wonder why so many tourists get kidnapped and killed. There ought to be an end to this, don’t you think? While Dan Brown was visiting the Philippines in 2013, he described Manila asthe gates of hell” and deplored the abject poverty, crime, and prostitution. I am not sure that I would describe Manila as “the gates of hell,” but for those who are brutally beaten, kidnapped, and decapitated, it surely is. In fact, ask the surviving families of those kidnapped and killed in the Philippines about “paradise or safety” in the Philippines and see what answers you would get. I do think that things need to change not only for the traveling public but for the good of humankind as a whole. We recommend that you check this book out now: The Whole Truths You Should Know Before You Travel to the Philippines.


So, the beautiful imagery that you see on your television screen constantly showing off some of the places of the Philippines exposes just one side, the good and positive side of the island while it keeps hidden the deadly side of the island.  A fair and balanced presentation would address all sides of the coins: The good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s time that the travel industry concentrate on human beings and not just on the dollars; and it’s time that the traveling public wake up and smell the coffee by demanding accountability from the travel industry.


The Hidden Pieces of the Puzzles — by Colbert Bellevue


The Hidden Pieces of the Puzzles

If you are guy from anywhere in the world in search of pen pals or girlfriends outside your own country, you may have your eyes on Asian girls or perhaps Russian girls for that matter or on other pretty women from Mars. At any rate, you have already gathered plenty of photos and addresses of the women you want to contact online. After a couple of months in the process, you think that around 3 or 4 of them seem good baits after you have exchanged personal data, including photos. You feel some pretty good attraction for 2 or 3 of them who are Filipino citizens and live in the Philippines. So, you decided to meet in person by visiting them. I think that meeting them in person is a good idea because you would have an opportunity to know them better somewhat and have your questions answered (the ones you failed to ask online). By the way, these girls with their grand smile are pretty good looking with their shiny and flowing hair, don’t you agree? Perhaps, these characteristics were the ones that hit your fancy first. At any rate, you now have the opportunity of a lifetime to be in the presence up close and “personal” of the one who may be your next fiancée or wife. Have there been “things” that you wanted to know feverishly about these Filipino women since the time you started communicating with them? I am sure you did. Have you waited for them to reveal to you any secrets they may have with respect to their social lives? First of all, don’t count on it or you would be in for a long rough ride. Let’s get to the point: If I were you, I would want each of them to tell me if she has had a boyfriend. If so, how long did the relationship last and why it dissolved? I also want to ask her if she now has a boyfriend. The Filipino boyfriend/girlfriend relationship carries different meaning due to social context and culture from that in the Western world. I suggest that you read “The Whole Truths You Should Know before You Visit the Philippines.” In chapter eight under “Factors” that Really Matter in Your Relationship with Your Filipino Girlfriend or Wife” you will learn all you need to know about the Filipino boyfriend/girlfriend factor. Here are some of the hidden puzzles you should know before your relationship gets serious: 1) does the Filipino woman you are interested in  have any babies whom she never revealed to you? If she denies having any, how can you be sure that her answer is neat and transparent?  WARNING: It is customary in the Philippines that some girls ranging from 14-21 may have 3 to 7 kids or more out of wedlock. Guess what? These girls are always single because the ones who take care of their babies are the grandmas or other members of the family. So, it is very easy for these Filipino women with kids to fool you unless you are sharp and have detective eyes to spot their lies. By the same token, I know of an expat who has had the misfortune of marrying a young Filipino woman who confessed to him that she only had a child because she was raped. With this in mind, the foreigner agreed to marry her. Six months into the marriage, she introduced 4 more kids to her husband, saying that these drunken men got her pregnant because they forced her into having sex with her not because they were her boyfriends. In the interim, where were these kids? They were in the custody of her grandma, of course. This is the way this game is played for the most part in the Philippines for quite some time. You are now forewarned and you have the last word.  

The “Foreigner Factor” in the Philippines — by Colbert Bellevue


The “Foreigner Factor” in the Philippines

Lately, with the influx of thousands of foreign nationals into the Philippines, I have observed a number of phenomena taken place around the island; obviously, one of which is what I call the “Foreigner Factor.”  This has been a part of social intercourse here. Nonetheless, don’t expect to grab it, see it, or smile at it. Sure, you may observe its presence around you should you happen to reside in the Philippines.

I think I know what you have in mind right now: “Heck! What does the “Foreigner factor” have to do with me?” Paul, a Westerner and retired man, is married to his Filipino wife and both of them reside in the Philippines. I had met Paul on several occasions and shared interesting stories about life in the West as opposed to life in the Philippines. Matter of fact, I have been fortunate enough to converse with a great numbers of expats on the same subject.

These give-and-take comments-sharing have helped me formulate the equation for the “Foreigner Factor.” To a scant exception, you are deeply in it if you are a foreign national married to a Filipino woman: You can observe this factor in full course when all of a sudden your wife introduces you to one of her best friend and tells you that the latter is in need of a 50 thousand pesos to start her business. She would like you to lend her that money as she will repay you at a set interest!  How would you react to this proposition?  Doesn’t this sound crazy to you?  Don’t get too excited about that because some of these women get away with their propositions! In another occasion, she comes to you and let you know that her younger brother and younger sister are entering college and the enrollment and tuition money are a major reason why they may have to drop out and not have a college education. Nice performance, isn’t it?

Electric bills in the Philippines, but you observe that she turns on the air conditioner when there is no need for it. When you try to reason with her about it, she tells you that where she came from is cool and that the house she used to live with her parents aren’t made of materials that make the house so warm or hot. She now establishes herself as the woman who cannot live without air conditioner. That’s not so bad for a woman who had not had any air conditioner in her parents’ home. She is smart enough to establish a new normal for her. Your take?

The funny thing is remove the “Foreigner factor” from the equation and see what we get: the status quo. None of the above scenarios would exist. However, what we as foreign nationals understand is certainly not what they have their eyes and minds on. Two different interpretations emerge. As far as these Filipinos are concerned, the “Foreigner Factor” is a reality, a God-sent, and a new normal in their lives. I wonder how you, as a foreigner, deal with the “Foreigner Factor?”  I am by no means saying that all Filipino women act that way, but surely a great number of them do as they embrace the “Foreigner factor” so dearly. You have the last word.

Why Dating As a Neophyte or Divorcee Is a Daunting Task – by Colbert Bellevue


Why Dating As a Neophyte or Divorcee Is

 a Daunting Task  

Entering the Dating Scene

When entering the dating scene for the first time as an adult or returning to dating following a divorce, dating is a challenge. First dates in particular can be nerve wracking but to even get that first date it is necessary to get out there and meet others who are looking for dates as well.

Many folks entering the single dating scene find the task of meeting people to be the first and most daunting challenge to dating. Many prospective daters have no idea where to go to meet the right type of person to date. There is always a loud crowded night club, or social events arranged through churches. There is the occasional fix up by a friend, the classic blind date. Also a popular method for meeting dates is now available through the numerous dating websites online. Regardless of the approach, the end goal is the same, to meet that significant other.

You will be introduced to a unique dating book filled with techniques, step-by-step guide to show you the way to a woman’s heart. You will read therein numerous tips guys who plan to enter the dating scene for the first time and for those who plan to re-enter the dating arena after divorce. You definitely grab a copy of this sought-after dating book: How to Make a Beautiful Woman Fall in Love with you. After reading it, you’d see why its readership is in the millions.

  • Here are just a few things the book will offer you in terms of dating knowledge:
  • How to Arouse a Woman’s Emotions to satisfaction
  • Establish a Romantic Ambiance
  • How to Read Her Body Language to Your Advantag
  • Learn How to Make Love to a Woman – an Important Skill to Master
  • Learn How to Make a Woman “Obsessed” with You
  • Learn How to Build Trust in a Relationship
  • Learn How to Turn a Woman into a “Sex-Hungry” Woman
  • Learn How to Take Control with How-Know in the Bedroom
  • Learn How to keep the Flame of Romance Alive in a Relationship
  • Learn the Art of Making a Woman Fall In Love with You
  • Last but not least, Learn How to Make a Woman Feel Romantic, Sexy, and Dripping-Wet, and much more

A lot of guys fail to connect with women because of a number of problems that they needed to address in their lives but they didn’t. For instance, some men suffer from fear of the unknown when approaching a woman; they succumb to the fear of rejection by women. Some blow their first date because either they did not know the proper and relevant way to behave or the right thing to say to her, or they misuse “eye contact,” or they fail to project a first good impression, therefore, they come out empty-handed and with a bitter taste  in the dating court. You don’t have to go through such bad experiences while trying to connect and seduce a woman; the unique book will make you become the man you have ever dreamed to be: confident, attractive, well-informed, seductive, charming, dating savvy, and a great lover. With these qualities, women will swamp all over you, for sure. It’s up to you to decide who you’d rather be: the man who is a passive observer — watching the average Joe with a number of beautiful women on his side or the man who can stand on his two feet and a head well placed on his shoulders to make nearly any woman fall in love with him. If you’d go with the second choice, then grab a copy of this fantastic book: How to Make a Beautiful Woman Fall in Love with you. Just click here

Tricycles and Tricycle Driver-Criminals in the Philippines – Watch Out! – by Colbert Bellevue


 Tricycles and Tricycle Driver-Criminals in the Philippines – Watch Out!

In most cities and in all villages in the Philippines, tricycles are ubiquitous. They are used to carry people and merchandise from point A to point B. The function of the tricycle appears to be laudable until you realize that many tricycle drivers (not all) engage in criminality of all sorts. There have been numerous passengers who fell victims to the murderous hands of these three-wheeled vehicle drivers. In April 2011, it was reported that a young girl, age 15, boarded a tricycle en route to her home from school. Just a few meters away from the girl’s home, the tricycle driver took another road leading to a banana field where he beat her and then raped the student repeatedly. As if this ominous act were not enough, he strangled her. The day after, the farmer of that land discovered the girl lying in a pool of blood. Very sad, isn’t it? Nonetheless, the tricycle driver, inadvently, left a piece of his personal belongings on the scene, which allowed the police to track him down. He should have been given the death penalty, but there is no death sentence in the Philippines. Good for the criminals who can kill others mercilessly knowing that the law will allow them to live and bad for law-abiding citizens! And what a dire dichotomy, to say the least! Because of space constraint I cannot list all of the murders committed by tricycle drivers all over the Philippines.

Tricycles Put to Bad Use

Many tricycles in the Philippines have been involved in many crimes, and if only they could talk! Not only some Tricycle drivers use their “trikes” to commit heinous crimes, but also they are paid by gangsters and criminals syndicates to serve as surveillance while these murderers engage in criminal activity. It’s quite difficult to pinpoint who among these tricyle drivers are clean and legally responsible. I think that this is one the main reasons why so many innocent passengers have lost their lives, using this mode of transportation, the tricycle.


In the Philippines, tricycles are a necessity for many folks: They carry produce from the farm to the market, people from their homes to the market and vice versa. They transport children to and from schools. They serve as ambulance in many localities to carry the sick to the clinics or hospitals. And those who don’t have a car use them as their family vehicles or private tricyles.


The law doesn’t allow them to drive on the highways in the Philippines, but this doesn’t keep them from doing so. Compared to motorkibes, tricycles are slow moving vehicles; therefore, when the tricycle drivers take to the highway, they not only slow down the traffic considerably, but more importantly they create a potential hazard to public safety. Moreover, they don’t respect any traffic rules and regulations of the local roads, let alone those of the highways. While a taxi cab is limited to 5 passengers including the driver, a tricycle can carry  9 people! How is that for logic? Additionally, trike drivers are the most careless drivers you can find anywhere. Although some people complain about this, but their complaints have fallen in deaf ear, unfortunately.


You wonder why some tricycle drivers who engage in crimes, drive carelessly, and disobey traffic regulations,  are left alone by the police and traffic officers. You wonder why the police or the  traffic officers don’t penalize those over-loaded tricycles while they do summon  taxi drivers who carry more than 5 people in their taxi cab. And what double standard is that! I think that the police or the traffic officers should be responsible to see to it that tricycle drivers follow traffic regulations just like other modes of transportation and that they be searched from now and then for lillegal weapons and drugs. I think that this system is placed on auto-pilot until a new order of things comes up.

For detailed information on criminality in the Philippines, click here: