The Hidden Pieces of the Puzzles — by Colbert Bellevue


The Hidden Pieces of the Puzzles

If you are guy from anywhere in the world in search of pen pals or girlfriends outside your own country, you may have your eyes on Asian girls or perhaps Russian girls for that matter or on other pretty women from Mars. At any rate, you have already gathered plenty of photos and addresses of the women you want to contact online. After a couple of months in the process, you think that around 3 or 4 of them seem good baits after you have exchanged personal data, including photos. You feel some pretty good attraction for 2 or 3 of them who are Filipino citizens and live in the Philippines. So, you decided to meet in person by visiting them. I think that meeting them in person is a good idea because you would have an opportunity to know them better somewhat and have your questions answered (the ones you failed to ask online). By the way, these girls with their grand smile are pretty good looking with their shiny and flowing hair, don’t you agree? Perhaps, these characteristics were the ones that hit your fancy first. At any rate, you now have the opportunity of a lifetime to be in the presence up close and “personal” of the one who may be your next fiancée or wife. Have there been “things” that you wanted to know feverishly about these Filipino women since the time you started communicating with them? I am sure you did. Have you waited for them to reveal to you any secrets they may have with respect to their social lives? First of all, don’t count on it or you would be in for a long rough ride. Let’s get to the point: If I were you, I would want each of them to tell me if she has had a boyfriend. If so, how long did the relationship last and why it dissolved? I also want to ask her if she now has a boyfriend. The Filipino boyfriend/girlfriend relationship carries different meaning due to social context and culture from that in the Western world. I suggest that you read “The Whole Truths You Should Know before You Visit the Philippines.” In chapter eight under “Factors” that Really Matter in Your Relationship with Your Filipino Girlfriend or Wife” you will learn all you need to know about the Filipino boyfriend/girlfriend factor. Here are some of the hidden puzzles you should know before your relationship gets serious: 1) does the Filipino woman you are interested in  have any babies whom she never revealed to you? If she denies having any, how can you be sure that her answer is neat and transparent?  WARNING: It is customary in the Philippines that some girls ranging from 14-21 may have 3 to 7 kids or more out of wedlock. Guess what? These girls are always single because the ones who take care of their babies are the grandmas or other members of the family. So, it is very easy for these Filipino women with kids to fool you unless you are sharp and have detective eyes to spot their lies. By the same token, I know of an expat who has had the misfortune of marrying a young Filipino woman who confessed to him that she only had a child because she was raped. With this in mind, the foreigner agreed to marry her. Six months into the marriage, she introduced 4 more kids to her husband, saying that these drunken men got her pregnant because they forced her into having sex with her not because they were her boyfriends. In the interim, where were these kids? They were in the custody of her grandma, of course. This is the way this game is played for the most part in the Philippines for quite some time. You are now forewarned and you have the last word.  


One thought on “The Hidden Pieces of the Puzzles — by Colbert Bellevue

  1. Colob Smith says:

    HolyGhost…this piece is a true eye-opener to me. I would have never thought that these girls with their innocent looks would be so street-smart and deceiving. It seems that they know how to pull a fast one on almost anyone who is new to this dating game. Hey…good job, indeed!

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