Motorcycle-driver Killers a Real Security Threat to Safety in the Philippines–by Colbert Bellevue


Motorcycle-driver Killers a Real Security Threat to Safety in the Philippines

“Road” and the “security threat” are words that are interlinked with each other. In many cities across the Philippines, motorcycle riders are considered real threats to contend with, not only because they make driving a car a nearly impossible task, but also because some of them are real threats to pedestrians and drivers’ safety.

There have been reports indicating that some motorcycle riders are employed as “guns for hire.” To carry out their murderous missions, they’d accost the driver of a car being targeted, pull the trigger, shoot that driver, and then speed away. Some other motorcycle riders use their motorbikes to steal from pedestrians and commit all kinds of murders. Police have a real hard time catching the motorcycle riders/criminals because it is so easy for them to speed away through the maze of heavy traffic without the possibility of being identified.

For instance, in January-February 2012, there have been a number of drive-by-shootings carried out by some motorcycle riders in Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines, which has alarmed Mayor Rama. Also reported are other drive-by shootings in the Capital City, Manila, Metro manila, and other parts of the Philippines.

Safety Infrastructure Should Be a Priority

Security measures and check points have to be set in place in order to deal with such a delicate issue. On one hand, a person’s life must be protected on the road. On the other hand, motorcycle drivers should not be allowed to threaten the security of any individual. Therefore, motorcycle riders have to remain riders not killers. Certain strategies to deal with such a situation have to be designed, developed, and finally implemented.

Police have to look into the design, the development, and the implementation of the safety and security issues. Numerous checkpoints should be put in key areas around the city and supervised by the police. Checkpoints should also be set up on the outskirts of the city. This process should be on-going in case any substantial change in terms of safety and security to the public would take place. The main purpose of the checkpoints is to search the motorcycle rider and his or her motorbike for illegal drugs and guns.

 What Should Be Done…

There may not be enough “man-power” to service those checkpoints, which should be in operation not only during the day, but also at night time. When there are no law enforcement officers to man a checkpoint, then the motorbike killers seize the occasion to carry their illegal weapons and drugs and go about their killing business with ease. Providing safety on the roads to motorists and passerby is a solemn duty of the law enforcers and the government. As a result, there should be special funds set aside to make sure that the checkpoints operate day and night.

In cities such as Manila and Metro Manila, Angeles, Makati, Cebu City, checkpoints should be made mandatory in order to control crime carried out by these motorbike criminals. I suggest that a motorcycle rider should not be allowed to wear a helmet that hides his or her face. This is one of the main reasons why these heartless bandits have been able to get away with crime.

It is a daunting task for the police to catch motorcycle riders before the commission of a crime particularly if he/she has to go through no checkpoints. The desired results would be to apprehend those motorbike criminals before they strike.

I think that there are two main problems that cause the police to be ineffectual in their quest to stop these motorbike criminals. They are as follows: A) In the Philippines, motorcycle riders are required by law to wear helmets. While these are a safety measure for motorcycle riders, they should not serve to cover up their faces, which hide their facial identity. B) Motorcycle license plates are difficult to read even in day time, let alone during the night. If you are a foreign national visiting the Philippines or if you are a retiree, when you see motorcycle riders around you, be alert and stay safe.

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