Many Tourists to the Philippines are kidnapped and killed — by Colbert Bellevue

There was a time when the Philippines was dubbed “the island paradise” but she has been tarnished atrociously by internal battles and conflicts, kidnapping-for-ransom, senseless killing, and carjacking. In spite of these major issues, I certainly do not discourage you from visiting the Philippines. I, myself, have toured the island  a few times and enjoyed its breath taking panoramic scenery of natural landscape.

It is true that there a few resorts in the island, depending on their location, which provide the travelers with some comfort and space for enjoyment; however, never do they offer an acceptable level of safety and security for the tourists. This is correct. In these hotels, you will find some security guards, armed with .38 caliber side arms or outmoded shotguns. Matter of fact, these security guards have no military or combat training. In short, they are not trained to fight. So, they would not even attempt to fight back should their hotels be under attack by rebel groups.

These security guards along with their antiquated weapons are no match for warriors who are well-armed militants and kidnappers. The latter use the fastest boats money can buy. They perform their numerous kidnapping operations by conducting “sweeps” by the beach areas while some tourists are having fun in the sun. The fact of the matter is these deadly well-armed bandits have kidnapped and decapitated not only civilians but also some members of the Philippine National Police. Isn’t this horrific?


What Do I Believe?

I believe that tourists to the Philippines would feel less nervous knowing that the island is free from senseless killers and kidnappers who are overwhelmingly better armed than the police. Obviously somebody, some organizations or some committees have dropped the ball on their attempts to promote Philippine tourism via television ads costing millions while neglecting to address the core issue that is eating internally the Philippine tourism: Lack of safety infrastructure for the tourists.

I also strongly believe that visitors should be well-informed travelers for their own safety and security in the Philippines. Where would they get such unbiased and objective and complete information?  

The only thing that the Philippine travel industry is ready and willing to share with the traveling public is “the rosy side” of the Philippines where everything is fabulous and fun. This is of course one side of the coin. It befits them to keep their heads under the veil of secrecy by not revealing the whole truth of what tarnishes the image of the island paradise where so many tourists are kidnapped again and again.

Serious about Visiting the Philippines?  Watch this video to learn more about kidnapping-for-ransom and more…

I also believe that there are a number of places in the Philippines that are deadly to foreign visitors, and the latter have a right to know about them for their own very safety and security. They should be made aware of specific places in the Philippines that should be classified “off-limits” to foreign visitors.  Sure, but who would dispense such information to them? 

Why does the Philippine travel industry keep silent on revealing the complete truth on the Philippines?

I do believe that you need to be well-informed before you travel to the Philippines or even if you are a retiree there.  Nobody would like to repeat the mistakes of our fellow travelers who got kidnapped and killed while visiting the Philippines just because they were either misinformed and misguided in their journey.

Be well-informed


How Serious Are You about Visiting the Philippines?


The Philippines Is Moving Toward Center Stage

The Philippines has been moving toward center stage because of its two unmistakable sides: A Good Side and a Sad Side.

The good side is that the Philippines offers a venue to the visitors to experience enjoyable moments, savor the natural beauty of its landscape, and have some great moments . This is the only island that I know of that is comprised of 1,707 small islands, most of which are uninhabitable. Nonetheless, if you love water sports and island-hopping, then the Philippines is a real island paradise, second to none, but offer a breath-taking site to nature’s lovers. The author believes that, yes, you can have fun in the Philippines.

The sad side is that the island, which is less than the size of California, is tarnished by several deadly organized criminal groups and senseless killers who make their living by kidnapping foreign visitors. The hard truth is that from time to time, some foreign nationals fall victim to these heartless and senseless thugs in the Philippines. The sad reality is that this trend continues unabated up to this day, due to some regrettably negative factors. Unless you have a good knowledge of the country and an awareness of places that are dangerous to visit, then your life can be in jeopardy.

A case in point, Charlie Reith, a Swiss citizen, was having drinks with his friends when he was kidnapped in the Philippines (true and verifiable story). Jeffrey Schilling, an American citizen, went to the Philippines with his wife to have some good time, but they both were kidnapped (true and verifiable story). Martin and Gracia Burnham, both American citizens, were having a ball in a 5-star resort in the Philippines and were kidnapped (true and verifiable story). Just recently, on February 1, 2012, two foreign nationals were kidnapped in the Philippines (true and verifiable story).

The sad fact is that the killing and kidnapping-for-ransom of foreign visitors persist in a number of areas in the Philippines. Unless you are aware of places that should be off-limits to foreign nationals, you and your family might be the next victims. And, this is one mistake you wouldn’t want to make. The author believes that all of these visitors mentioned earlier who had been kidnapped should have been alive today had they had a chance to be well-informed about the Philippines. 

Now you can get unbiased and truthful information you may not find anywhere else about the Philippines and particularly places that should be off-limits to visitors. For detailed information on this subject, feel free to read this vital information by clicking here: