Why Dating As a Neophyte or Divorcee Is a Daunting Task – by Colbert Bellevue


Why Dating As a Neophyte or Divorcee Is

a Daunting Task

Entering the Dating Scene

When entering the dating scene for the first time as an adult or returning to dating following a divorce, dating is a challenge. First dates in particular can be nerve racking but to even get that first date it is necessary to get out there and meet others who are looking for dates as well.

Many folks entering the single dating scene find the task of meeting people to be the first and most daunting challenge to dating. Many prospective daters have no idea where to go to meet the right type of person to date. There is always a loud crowded night club, or social events arranged through churches. There is the occasional fix up by a friend, the classic blind date. Also a popular method for meeting dates is now available through the numerous dating websites online. Regardless of the approach, the end goal is the same, to meet that significant other.

You will be introduced to a unique dating book filled with techniques, step-by-step guide to show you the way to a woman’s heart. You will read therein numerous tips guys who plan to enter the dating scene for the first time and for those who plan to re-enter the dating arena after divorce. You definitely grab a copy of this sought-after dating book: How to Make a Beautiful Woman Fall in Love with you. After reading it, you’d see why its readership is in the millions.

Here are just a few things the book will offer you in terms of dating knowledge:

·         How to Arouse a Woman’s Emotions to satisfaction

·         Establish a Romantic Ambiance

·         How to Read Her Body Language to Your Advantage

·         Learn How to Make Love to a Woman – an Important Skill to Master

·         Learn How to Make a “Woman Obsessed” with You

·         Learn How to Build Trust in a Relationship

·         Learn How to Turn a Woman into a “Sex-Hungry Woman

·         Learn How to Take Control with How-Know in the Bedroom

·         Learn How to keep the Flame of Romance Alive in a Relationship

·         Learn the Art of Making a Woman Fall In Love with You

·         Learn How to Make a Woman Feel Romantic, Sexy, and Dripping-Wet, and much more

A lot of guys fail to connect with women because of a number of problems that they needed to address in their lives but they didn’t. For instance, some men suffer from fear of the unknown when approaching a woman; they succumb to the fear of rejection by women. Some blow their first date because either they did not know the proper and relevant way to behave or the right thing to say to her, or they misuse “eye contact,” or they fail to project a first good impression, therefore, they come out empty-handed and with a bitter taste  in the dating court. You don’t have to go through such bad experiences while trying to connect and seduce a woman; the unique book will make you become the man you have ever dreamed to be: confident, attractive, well-informed, seductive, charming, dating savvy, and a great lover. With these qualities, women will swamp all over you, for sure.

It’s up to you to decide who you’d rather be: the man who is a passive observer — watching the average Joe with a number of beautiful women on his side or the man who can stand on his two feet and a head well placed on his shoulders to make nearly any woman fall in love with him. If you’d go with the second choice, then grab a copy of this fantastic book How to Make a Beautiful Woman Fall in Love with You. Just click here http://is.gd/j44liR



Motorcycle-driver Killers a Real Security Threat to Safety in the Philippines–by Colbert Bellevue


Motorcycle-driver Killers a Real Security Threat to Safety in the Philippines

“Road” and the “security threat” are words that are interlinked with each other. In many cities across the Philippines, motorcycle riders are considered real threats to contend with, not only because they make driving a car a nearly impossible task, but also because some of them are real threats to pedestrians and drivers’ safety.

There have been reports indicating that some motorcycle riders are employed as “guns for hire.” To carry out their murderous missions, they’d accost the driver of a car being targeted, pull the trigger, shoot that driver, and then speed away. Some other motorcycle riders use their motorbikes to steal from pedestrians and commit all kinds of murders. Police have a real hard time catching the motorcycle riders/criminals because it is so easy for them to speed away through the maze of heavy traffic without the possibility of being identified.

For instance, in January-February 2012, there have been a number of drive-by-shootings carried out by some motorcycle riders in Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines, which has alarmed Mayor Rama. Also reported are other drive-by shootings in the Capital City, Manila, Metro manila, and other parts of the Philippines.

Safety Infrastructure Should Be a Priority

Security measures and check points have to be set in place in order to deal with such a delicate issue. On one hand, a person’s life must be protected on the road. On the other hand, motorcycle drivers should not be allowed to threaten the security of any individual. Therefore, motorcycle riders have to remain riders not killers. Certain strategies to deal with such a situation have to be designed, developed, and finally implemented.

Police have to look into the design, the development, and the implementation of the safety and security issues. Numerous checkpoints should be put in key areas around the city and supervised by the police. Checkpoints should also be set up on the outskirts of the city. This process should be on-going in case any substantial change in terms of safety and security to the public would take place. The main purpose of the checkpoints is to search the motorcycle rider and his or her motorbike for illegal drugs and guns.

 What Should Be Done…

There may not be enough “man-power” to service those checkpoints, which should be in operation not only during the day, but also at night time. When there are no law enforcement officers to man a checkpoint, then the motorbike killers seize the occasion to carry their illegal weapons and drugs and go about their killing business with ease. Providing safety on the roads to motorists and passerby is a solemn duty of the law enforcers and the government. As a result, there should be special funds set aside to make sure that the checkpoints operate day and night.

In cities such as Manila and Metro Manila, Angeles, Makati, Cebu City, checkpoints should be made mandatory in order to control crime carried out by these motorbike criminals. I suggest that a motorcycle rider should not be allowed to wear a helmet that hides his or her face. This is one of the main reasons why these heartless bandits have been able to get away with crime.

It is a daunting task for the police to catch motorcycle riders before the commission of a crime particularly if he/she has to go through no checkpoints. The desired results would be to apprehend those motorbike criminals before they strike.

I think that there are two main problems that cause the police to be ineffectual in their quest to stop these motorbike criminals. They are as follows: A) In the Philippines, motorcycle riders are required by law to wear helmets. While these are a safety measure for motorcycle riders, they should not serve to cover up their faces, which hide their facial identity. B) Motorcycle license plates are difficult to read even in day time, let alone during the night. If you are a foreign national visiting the Philippines or if you are a retiree, when you see motorcycle riders around you, be alert and stay safe.

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As a Single or Divorced Male, You Were Not Born a Coward — by Colbert Bellevue

As a Single or Divorced Male, You Were Not Born a Coward

Making a woman choose you over a thousand guys does not sound easy. However, after reading the 1st chapter of this book, my perception changed. This book is titled, “Top Secrets to Approaching a Woman, Seducing Her, and Taking Her on a Date or Getting Her into Bed.”

Not Born a Coward

Reading through the 1st chapter made me reminisce over my past failed courtship. I did not have enough confidence and charisma before and I never thought I would gain these traits until I have read the 1st chapter of this informative eBook. Guys, these traits are not inherited so do not ever blame your ancestors for lacking enough courage to woo a girl or a woman. These traits must be developed and the 1st chapter of this book will help you boost your dormant confidence and charisma. You can finally tell yourself, “Yeah, this is the real man, the man I have ever wanted to be”.

Just remember to refer to the 1st chapter first. Never skip those knowledge-filled pages. You might miss one important fact. Read everything and internalize them with all your heart and soul.

The next time you face the woman of your dreams, stuttering will definitely be eradicated from your system. And, your precious lips will utter the right words to stun the woman of your dreams. You are lucky because this eBook is just a click away. Just click here http://is.gd/Y0wAJt 

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A Thrilling Climax—How to Achieve It? by Colbert Bellevue

A Thrilling Climax

How to Achieve It?



Through the years, a large number of women have been complaining about their inability to achieve orgasm through sexual intercourse. Some of these women, if not all, often achieve orgasm through masturbation or cunnilingus. Oh, how much would they love to get it from their men? Obviously, you can help your woman to reach the orgasmic climax she has been dreaming of through this secrets-filled eBook Top Secrets to Approaching a Woman, Seducing Her, and Taking Her on a Date or Getting Her into Bed. This eBook is designed to turn a novice and neophyte in bed into a “virile master” in the bedroom, capable to make any woman pant as a kitten and gasp for air in the midst of sexual activities beyond her wildest dreams. This eBook teaches you the nuts and bolts to making a woman want you to be inside of her. It shows you how to be in the mood and how to put her in the mood as well; how to arouse her by stimulating her emotionally. You will gain a sought-after knowledge on how to hold a romantic conversation with her and how to get physical as you engage in foreplay. Furthermore, the eBook tells you what to do in “foreplay time.” Last but not least, it teaches you the techniques to use, ensuring her multiple explosive orgasms she has never experienced before.         


Obtain a copy of the eBook now and start reading and absorbing the materials therein. Unquestionably, you will learn how to satisfy your woman and make her achieve multiple explosive orgasms, and turn her into a “sex-hungry beast” wanting you to be inside her again and again.


A lot of men have tried to pleasure their women in the bedroom, but in the end, they tend to release their healthy loads of sperms rather quickly while their partners are still unsatisfied. More often than not, they tend to relax and just end it right there instead of starting another round with their women. Did you say, “Another round?”  “Sure, why not?”  This is one of the many reasons why you should read the eBook: Top Secrets to Approaching a Woman, Seducing Her, and Taking Her on a Date or Getting Her into Bed. Clearly,you will find out how to keep that energy rushing through your veins and body and let your woman release a number of real moans that will provide real pleasure to your senses as well. I am talking about real moans and not just the fake ones since women also tend to fake their


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Kidnappings of Visitors — The Philippines at Center Stage

Kidnappings of Visitors — The Philippines at

Center Stage

“Nothing is as precious as life itself.” Colbert Bellevue

The Philippines has been moving toward center stage because of a number of factors and particularly its two unmistakable sides: A Good Side and a Sad Side.

The good side is that the Philippines offers a venue to the visitors to experience enjoyable moments, savor the natural beauty of its landscape, and have fun. This is the only island that I know of that is comprised of 1,707 small islands, most of which are uninhabitable. The Philippines, as a tropical country, offers an awesome and inspiring panoramic view of several thousands of small islands that seem interconnected so beautifully. If you love water sports and island-hopping, then the Philippines is a real island paradise, second to none, allowing you a sublime experience. I believe that, yes, you can have a great time and memorable moments in the Philippines, provided that certain criteria are met.

The sad side is that the island, which is less than the size of California, is tarnished by several deadly organized criminal groups and senseless killers who make their living by kidnapping foreign visitors. The hard truth is that from time to time, some foreign nationals fall victim to these heartless and senseless thugs in the Philippines. The sad reality is that this trend continues unabated up to this day, due to some regrettably negative factors. Unless you have a good knowledge of the country and an awareness of places that are dangerous to visit, then your life can be in jeopardy.

A case in point, Charlie Reith, a Swiss citizen, was having drinks with his friends when he was kidnapped in the Philippines (true and verifiable story). Jeffrey Schilling, an American citizen, went to the Philippines with his wife to have some good time, but they both were kidnapped (true and verifiable story). Martin and Gracia Burnham, both American citizens, were having a ball in a 5-star resort in the Philippines and were kidnapped (true and verifiable story). Just recently, on February 1, 2012, two foreign nationals were kidnapped in the Philippines (true and verifiable story).

A Video to Watch
The sad fact is that the killing and kidnapping-for-ransom of foreign visitors persist in a number of areas in the Philippines. Unless you are aware of places that should be off-limits to foreign nationals, you and your family might be the next victims. And, this is one mistake you wouldn’t want to make. I believe that all of these visitors mentioned earlier who had been kidnapped should have been alive if they had a chance to watch this video: “Serious about Visiting the Philippines,” and heed this author’s advice. Click on this link to watch the video: http://is.gd/XOajip

This video can help you safeguard your own life literally.  By all means, I suggest that you take a few minutes from your precious time and watch the video.

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Thou Shall Have No Doubt in the World

of Women 

As the famous saying goes “No guts, No glory.” In many quarters, this is a universal truth. You must have guts to be a real and romantic man before you can taste the glory. In other words, you must be willing to put yourself to the test and behave as a real man, a man with no fear, a man with courage and savoir-faire.

Thou shall not doubt thyself because by so doing, you would be just pulling yourself down to the bottom of the pit which will ruin your quest to conquer that woman you have always wanted, the woman of your dreams. By reading this eBook: How to Make a Beautiful Woman Fall in Love with You, you will renew confidence and faith in yourself and never doubt of your capabilities to achieve your dating goals.

Never mind if some women have rejected you hundreds of times in the past; never mind if your girlfriends of past have walked away from you, surely these are valid reasons to decrease the level of your self-esteem. Nonetheless, after reading the book titled: How to Make a Beautiful Woman Fall in Love with You,” I can assure you that you will be thinking positively and starting to realize that there is no place for “doubt” in your vocabulary.

This book will help you see a new reality in the world of women; for it will show you point-by-point how to get nearly any woman you set your eye on without any fear because your “doubt” you may have had would have been gone for good. The sought-after pointers and the secrets that you will read from the book will help you to  become a better and an attractive man that women will drool over. By the way, being an attractive man does not mean you have to look like any of the Hollywood movie-stars; it means that you have the “secrets and techniques” to make women gravitate toward you just as flies to honey.

Once you possess the guts and the secrets, you can express easily to any woman your feelings, your dreams, aspirations, and desire. You can invite her to join you as a companion and/or partner in your journey of love and happiness. With the acquisition of these secrets and techniques, you now can go to places where you can spot beautiful hot women and use your guts to initiate small talk confidently which may lead to taking them on dates and beyond. For detailed information, click on http://is.gd/j44liR and start building up the necessary guts you need and be an attractive man in the world of women.








Thou Shall Have No Doubt in the World of Women — by Colbert Bellevue


                 House Call with Finesse and Love-making

 You are on a date with a woman with whom you have had close relationship with, and both of you care for each other quite a bit. Matter of fact, she has been on dates with you for the third time. This time, both of you enjoy the romantic setting of that cozy restaurant to a point where your hearts keep smiling to each other and your eyes dancing the tango of love. 

Unexpectedly you feel “something being transformed” down there and you just want to release it and break free. What should your best option be? You now have an important decision to make which requires courage, tact, leadership, and humor. With these characteristics in tow, you could invite her to continue the “preciously romantic moment” at your house or you could do or say something that will make her invite you over her house. The point is you need to leave the restaurant for a more romantic setting just for both of you.

 You can find the secrets to achieve these goals in the How to Get Gorgeous Pen Pals and the Woman of your Dreams in Asia.

 It all boils down to one simple romantic equation: it is either her territory or yours. Wherever it is, it does not matter. A friend of mine has said to me that he remembered when a woman invited him over her house to continue the “precious moment.” However, he noticed that she felt uncomfortable as she kept switching her legs cross-over position every now and then. He said that he could imagine how her wet might have pussy be because of him. He further said that he could not apologize because he knew she enjoyed it as well. And, the moment came when she cannot hold her elation any longer; she asked him to cook her something for dessert. Sure, dessert was ready and both enjoyed it in a candle lit and romantic atmosphere, leading them to also share their love for each other in the bedroom.

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House Call with Finesse and Love-making — by Colbert Bellevue