Is Manila “the gates of hell” according to Novelist Dan Brown?


Is Manila “the gates of hell” according to Novelist Dan Brown?

Check this book out: The Whole Truths You Should Know Before You Travel to the Philippines  While the Travel Industry is too busy promoting the Philippines as a gracious paradise, they have kept the foreign tourists in the dark by not telling us the other deadly side of the Philippines. Sure, there are some breath-taking views of natural landscapes and some relatively safe resorts, but the truth is that tourists are kept in the dark about the whole truth about the Philippines. They have absolutely no clues of the danger facing them while they visit the Philippines because what they see from their television channel is all they know, unfortunately. Then you wonder why so many tourists get kidnapped and killed. There ought to be an end to this, don’t you think? While Dan Brown was visiting the Philippines in 2013, he described Manila asthe gates of hell” and deplored the abject poverty, crime, and prostitution. I am not sure that I would describe Manila as “the gates of hell,” but for those who are brutally beaten, kidnapped, and decapitated, it surely is. In fact, ask the surviving families of those kidnapped and killed in the Philippines about “paradise or safety” in the Philippines and see what answers you would get. I do think that things need to change not only for the traveling public but for the good of humankind as a whole. We recommend that you check this book out now: The Whole Truths You Should Know Before You Travel to the Philippines.


So, the beautiful imagery that you see on your television screen constantly showing off some of the places of the Philippines exposes just one side, the good and positive side of the island while it keeps hidden the deadly side of the island.  A fair and balanced presentation would address all sides of the coins: The good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s time that the travel industry concentrate on human beings and not just on the dollars; and it’s time that the traveling public wake up and smell the coffee by demanding accountability from the travel industry.



5 thoughts on “Is Manila “the gates of hell” according to Novelist Dan Brown?

  1. James ROCHENBERGER says:

    Hi everybody,

    Something must be wrong with those in charge of the Philippines Travel Industry. I too do believe that the traveling audience and those visiting the Philippines have a right to know the complete truth of the island. Yeah I’ve watched their propaganda via television, promoting their resorts and a few exotic places as if there is nothing else they need to show or enlighten the visitors about. Those promoters keep hiding their faces under a veil of secrecy, hoping that nobody would comment on their unexplicable behaviors. But, yeah…the truth will come out whether they like it or not.

    • Colob Smith says:

      Guess what? The truth on the Philippines will never come out unless and until we, the citizens and Netizens of the world carry the torch forward and spread the message of truth that the department of tourism has been hiding for so long. They refuse to acknowledge that there are considerable mayhem wrought about by internal conflicts that have tarnished the good reputation of the island.

  2. RICHY DOLLS says:

    That’s right…there ought to be a level of accountability on the part of those who promote the Philippines as gorgeous tourist destination without telling us the rest of the story until it’s too late. It has been too late for those tourists you’ve mentioned who were kidnapped and or decapitated: Guiilermo Sobero, Charlie Reith, Werner Wallert, etc…You don’t need to know any of them personally to get upset on this disturbing issue of kidnapping-for-ransom in the Philippines. Obviously, this trend has been going for several decades without any hope to stop it! Now I see clearly why those in charge keep their mouth shut on presenting the other side of the island.

  3. Colob Smith says:

    I think it’s all about money, money and more money. It’s about to get it regardless of human costs. I agree that the Philippine Travel Industry doesn’t give a flip about human lives as long as they get rich in the process. Obviously, this must be their main motivation to spend millions
    on infomercials promoting the Philippines as the best tourist destination. They aren’t telling the truth!

  4. RICHY DOLLS says:

    If the Philippine travel industry claims that tourists can have so much fun in the island why don’t they have the gut to tell the public the risks involved with kidnappings, killings, and car-jackings that take place all the time?

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