House Call with Finesse and Love-making

 You are on a date with a woman with whom you have had close relationship with, and both of you care for each other quite a bit. Matter of fact, she has been on dates with you for the third time. This time, both of you enjoy the romantic setting of that cozy restaurant to a point where your hearts keep smiling to each other and your eyes dancing the tango of love. 

Unexpectedly you feel “something being transformed” down there and you just want to release it and break free. What should your best option be? You now have an important decision to make which requires courage, tact, leadership, and humor. With these characteristics in tow, you could invite her to continue the “preciously romantic moment” at your house or you could do or say something that will make her invite you over her house. The point is you need to leave the restaurant for a more romantic setting just for both of you.

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 It all boils down to one simple romantic equation: it is either her territory or yours. Wherever it is, it does not matter. A friend of mine has said to me that he remembered when a woman invited him over her house to continue the “precious moment.” However, he noticed that she felt uncomfortable as she kept switching her legs cross-over position every now and then. He said that he could imagine how her wet might have pussy be because of him. He further said that he could not apologize because he knew she enjoyed it as well. And, the moment came when she cannot hold her elation any longer; she asked him to cook her something for dessert. Sure, dessert was ready and both enjoyed it in a candle lit and romantic atmosphere, leading them to also share their love for each other in the bedroom.

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House Call with Finesse and Love-making — by Colbert Bellevue



Why Do Some Folks Prefer Cohabitation to Marriage?

As we all know, marriage is not just a piece of paper though it is for some. Marriage is a legal and special union of couples. On the other hand, cohabitation is the act of staying and living together as couples without undergoing rites of marriage. It could be concluded that commitment is the main issue in this two whereas marriage requires legal commitment while cohabitation only implies personal commitment to one another.

As of now, couples prefer cohabitation than marriage because of several reasons including compatibility testing, avoidance of legal commitment, divorce expense in case their relationship won’t work and more.

Commitment in marriage is too broad whereas legal matters are also covered. This then makes the relationship difficult for some. On the other way around, cohabitation allows couple to do whatever they want without worrying about the law. All that they have to worry about is how they feel. Cohabitation is a good way to test if you and your partner could live together harmoniously. This allows them to see analyze how life could be when they are together. This then leads to the realization that couples could live well even without getting married.

For some, marriage is costly and not economical. Some would even say that why would they have to get married when cohabitating is almost similar to it where the only thing that differs is that they don’t have papers stating that they are legally married. For them, it is easier to make the relationship work and even end when they are cohabitating.

However, there are also studies that have shown that most couples who succeeded in cohabitation decided to get married after a while of realizing that they are now ready to legally commit themselves to one another since they have personally committed themselves to each other on the moment they decided to cohabit. This decision actually depends on the couples’ perspective of binding themselves. What matters most is how they would work together as one to make their relationship last. Whether you prefer you prefer cohabitation to marriage is entirely up to you based on your own modus vivendi and modus operandi in your universe. Whatever you decide on, feel free to visit us at and you may like us.

Why Do Some Folks Prefer Cohabitation to Marriage? by Colbert Bellevue

A Thrilling Orgasm—How to Achieve It?


A Thrilling Orgasm—How to Achieve It?


Through the years, a large number of women have been complaining about their inability to achieve orgasm through sexual intercourse. Some of these women, if not all, often achieve orgasm through masturbation or cunnilingus. Oh, how much would they love to get it from their men? Obviously, you can help your woman to reach the orgasmic climax she has been dreaming of through this secrets-filled eBook Top Secrets to Approaching a Woman, Seducing Her, and Taking Her on a Date or Getting Her into Bed. This eBook is designed to turn a novice and neophyte in bed into a “virile master” in the bedroom, capable to make any woman pant as a kitten and gasp for air in the midst of sexual activities beyond her wildest dreams. This eBook teaches you the nuts and bolts to making a woman want you to be inside of her. It shows you how to be in the mood and how to put her in the mood as well; how to arouse her by stimulating her emotionally. You will gain a sought-after knowledge on how to hold a romantic conversation with her and how to get physical as you engage in foreplay. Furthermore, the eBook tells you what to do in “foreplay time.” Last but not least, it teaches you the techniques to use, ensuring her multiple explosive orgasms she has never experienced before.


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How Serious Are You about Visiting the Philippines?


The Philippines Is Moving Toward Center Stage

The Philippines has been moving toward center stage because of its two unmistakable sides: A Good Side and a Sad Side.

The good side is that the Philippines offers a venue to the visitors to experience enjoyable moments, savor the natural beauty of its landscape, and have some great moments . This is the only island that I know of that is comprised of 1,707 small islands, most of which are uninhabitable. Nonetheless, if you love water sports and island-hopping, then the Philippines is a real island paradise, second to none, but offer a breath-taking site to nature’s lovers. The author believes that, yes, you can have fun in the Philippines.

The sad side is that the island, which is less than the size of California, is tarnished by several deadly organized criminal groups and senseless killers who make their living by kidnapping foreign visitors. The hard truth is that from time to time, some foreign nationals fall victim to these heartless and senseless thugs in the Philippines. The sad reality is that this trend continues unabated up to this day, due to some regrettably negative factors. Unless you have a good knowledge of the country and an awareness of places that are dangerous to visit, then your life can be in jeopardy.

A case in point, Charlie Reith, a Swiss citizen, was having drinks with his friends when he was kidnapped in the Philippines (true and verifiable story). Jeffrey Schilling, an American citizen, went to the Philippines with his wife to have some good time, but they both were kidnapped (true and verifiable story). Martin and Gracia Burnham, both American citizens, were having a ball in a 5-star resort in the Philippines and were kidnapped (true and verifiable story). Just recently, on February 1, 2012, two foreign nationals were kidnapped in the Philippines (true and verifiable story).

The sad fact is that the killing and kidnapping-for-ransom of foreign visitors persist in a number of areas in the Philippines. Unless you are aware of places that should be off-limits to foreign nationals, you and your family might be the next victims. And, this is one mistake you wouldn’t want to make. The author believes that all of these visitors mentioned earlier who had been kidnapped should have been alive today had they had a chance to be well-informed about the Philippines. 

Now you can get unbiased and truthful information you may not find anywhere else about the Philippines and particularly places that should be off-limits to visitors. For detailed information on this subject, feel free to read this vital information by clicking here:

Doable Techniques to Win Women’s Hearts

If you are a single or divorced male then this eBook is for you: this eBook How to make a Beautiful Woman Fall in Love with You generally taught me that getting the woman you want entails a very intricate easy-to-follow step by step process. First things first, follow the easy step by step process. And now that you have read the title of the eBook, do you think it’s time to go out and catch the best fish in the sea? Uh-oh, not yet dude.

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Doable Techniques to Win Women’s Hearts

Don’t Be a Statistic–Be Alert for Your Own Safety and Security in the Philippines

Don’t Be a Statistic–Be Alert for Your Own Safety and Security in the Philippines

Foreign visitors should have a complete and unbiased knowledge of the Philippines: the good, the bad, and the ugly.  As a visitor, you should know that kidnapping for ransom is a common crime in the Philippines. Kidnappers and a large number of  Filipinos perceive “foreigners” as mobile banking institutions, which means they believe all Westerners or any foreign nationals visiting the Philippines are filthy rich. The criminals do not consider robbing them to be a crime; to them, it is just sharing some of the wealth.

This is a fact of life. It is important that visitors be aware of cases wherein some foreigners visiting the Philippines were kidnapped, mugged, or carjacked by criminals. The more knowledgeable you are about the Philippines, the better off you are. If you are serious about traveling to the Philippines, then you should have true-to-fact,unbiased information and relevant knowledge of the country so your trip can be safe, fun, enjoyable, and memorable.

One of the most relevant questions you may ask yourself is, “Do I want to visit the Philippines as a naïve or a well-informed visitor?”  In response to this question, I say, “What you know may save your life, but what you do not know may be lethal to your soul.”

Perhaps you have already read the horrifying news about Jeffrey Schilling, an American citizen who had gone to the Philippines to marry a woman he met online. Unfortunately, he was kidnapped before he had the opportunity to marry his fiancée over there.

Kidnapping-for-ransom is a lucrative criminal activity in the Philippines. More and more visitors have been victimized by senseless killers and deadly gangs. Here is a partial list of the names of some visitors who were badly beaten, kidnapped and, in some cases, killed. This information is totally true and backed by irrefutable and verifiable facts.

•             Martin and Gracia Burnham, American

•             Guillermo Sobero, American

•             Charlie Reith, Swiss citizen

•             Amir Katayama Mamaito, Japanese

•             Jeffrey Schilling, American

•             Carel Strydom, South African

•             Maryse Burgot, French television reporter

•             Marie Moarbes, Lebanese-born French

•             Werner Wallert, German

WARNING: Not only are there kidnappings to contend with, there are also local individuals who do mix drugs in the drinks they serve the visitors. Once the latter consume these drinks, they fall unconscious in a matter of minutes. As a result, the locals take the opportunity to remove the unconscious visitors’ organs.

Just recently, on February 1, 2012, two foreign nationals and a Filipino were kidnapped in the Philippines. The sad fact is that these crimes against foreign visitors persist in a number of areas in the Philippines.

Some, if not all, of these visitors to the Philippines would be alive today had they been warned about the more dangerous areas of the country. You do not have to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Despite these troubling and disturbing facts, they are not intended to discourage you from traveling to the Philippines. To the contrary, I do believe that you can have fun if you are equipped with the most updated, unbiased, reliable, and relevant information about the Philippines.

Be mindful of the fact that there are great tourist areas where you can enjoy your stay and experience memorable moments with peace of mind, but also you will find some areas that should be off-limits to foreign visitors.

You can find the most sought-after information about specific areas that should be off-limits to foreign visitors in a unique eBook: “The Whole Truths You Should Know Before You Travel to the Philippines.”  This eBook is designed to provide you with life-saving information you won’t find anywhere else on the Philippines. You can get a copy of this valuable eBook by clicking here: