House Call with Finesse and Love-making

 You are on a date with a woman with whom you have had close relationship with, and both of you care for each other quite a bit. Matter of fact, she has been on dates with you for the third time. This time, both of you enjoy the romantic setting of that cozy restaurant to a point where your hearts keep smiling to each other and your eyes dancing the tango of love. 

Unexpectedly you feel “something being transformed” down there and you just want to release it and break free. What should your best option be? You now have an important decision to make which requires courage, tact, leadership, and humor. With these characteristics in tow, you could invite her to continue the “preciously romantic moment” at your house or you could do or say something that will make her invite you over her house. The point is you need to leave the restaurant for a more romantic setting just for both of you.

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 It all boils down to one simple romantic equation: it is either her territory or yours. Wherever it is, it does not matter. A friend of mine has said to me that he remembered when a woman invited him over her house to continue the “precious moment.” However, he noticed that she felt uncomfortable as she kept switching her legs cross-over position every now and then. He said that he could imagine how her wet might have pussy be because of him. He further said that he could not apologize because he knew she enjoyed it as well. And, the moment came when she cannot hold her elation any longer; she asked him to cook her something for dessert. Sure, dessert was ready and both enjoyed it in a candle lit and romantic atmosphere, leading them to also share their love for each other in the bedroom.

 Don’t you just love hanging out with someone you like in a private place where you can do almost do everything? Nothing beats a private house to continue that special deed and satisfy each other’s needs. For more details, click:



House Call with Finesse and Love-making — by Colbert Bellevue

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