Why Do Some Folks Prefer Cohabitation to Marriage?

As we all know, marriage is not just a piece of paper though it is for some. Marriage is a legal and special union of couples. On the other hand, cohabitation is the act of staying and living together as couples without undergoing rites of marriage. It could be concluded that commitment is the main issue in this two whereas marriage requires legal commitment while cohabitation only implies personal commitment to one another.

As of now, couples prefer cohabitation than marriage because of several reasons including compatibility testing, avoidance of legal commitment, divorce expense in case their relationship won’t work and more.

Commitment in marriage is too broad whereas legal matters are also covered. This then makes the relationship difficult for some. On the other way around, cohabitation allows couple to do whatever they want without worrying about the law. All that they have to worry about is how they feel. Cohabitation is a good way to test if you and your partner could live together harmoniously. This allows them to see analyze how life could be when they are together. This then leads to the realization that couples could live well even without getting married.

For some, marriage is costly and not economical. Some would even say that why would they have to get married when cohabitating is almost similar to it where the only thing that differs is that they don’t have papers stating that they are legally married. For them, it is easier to make the relationship work and even end when they are cohabitating.

However, there are also studies that have shown that most couples who succeeded in cohabitation decided to get married after a while of realizing that they are now ready to legally commit themselves to one another since they have personally committed themselves to each other on the moment they decided to cohabit. This decision actually depends on the couples’ perspective of binding themselves. What matters most is how they would work together as one to make their relationship last. Whether you prefer you prefer cohabitation to marriage is entirely up to you based on your own modus vivendi and modus operandi in your universe. Whatever you decide on, feel free to visit us at and you may like us.

Why Do Some Folks Prefer Cohabitation to Marriage? by Colbert Bellevue

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